Your personal number for every situation. Generate as many real numbers as you like from over 60 countries worldwide, in less than 2 minutes.

SSLcalls provides you full calling, texting and voice mail features, without  compromising your personal information or having to change your SIM card..

Multiple SIM Cards? Never Again!

Worldwide Presence in over 60 Countries

Generation of numerous real numbers from over 60 countries, in less than 2 minutes

Secure Your Mobile Communication

AES256 encrypted end-to-end.

Cost Effective

1 mobile device - mulitple numbers
Minimal international roaming rates

Multiple Uses

The platform is suitable for Business use in multiple industries / Personal use (travel, dating, anonymous calls, etc.)


Need multiple lines for travel, business, dating, anonymous calls or just keeping your personal life separated from work? SSLcalls can fulfil these needs in one unique package!

Free app-to-app calls and texting as well as calls, SMS messaging and voicemail for each line.

Purchase directly your own minute packages for each line, bypassing all carrier providers and avoiding overpriced monthly fees and enormous roamimg charges.

Eliminating Roaming Worldwide

With SSL Calls you can easily avoid your expensive roaming plans and charges
by forwarding your mobile provider number directly to SSL Calls.

Forward all your landline and mobile numbers to one or more SSL Calls numbers and stay connected at all times.
Use any phone, tablet or computer to stay in touch with your friends, family, co-workers and clients with your original mobile provider number even without your device or simcard
Avoid all of your enormous international roaming rates and charges.

App Features

Generate Multiple Numbers Worldwide

In under 2 minutes, generate and purchase unlimited real numbers worldwide.
No carrier, No contracts, No hassel!

Calls to landline and mobile numbers

Call any phone number in the world by using your SSL Calls credits.

Text (SMS) to mobile numbers

Unlike any other VOIP applications, you can SMS/Text any real mobile number in the world.

Free App to App Calls and Chat

Call and text your friends, family, co-workers and clients, without any cost and limitation, on SSL Calls platform.

AES 256 Encrypted

AES256 encrypted end-to-end.
SSL Calls creates an entire mobile security environment for your communcation.

More Features

Voicemail per each line
Call and video conferencing
File sharing
And much more!

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Download and launch SSL Calls on your device for all your calls, messages and communication in one complete platform.

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