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The Latest Tracking Technology

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Our innovative device provides you with the peace of mind that your electric bicycle is safe and can be traced should it be stolen.




Or state of the art GPS tracking system enables you to locate your electric bicycle whereabouts in actual real-time, clever vibration sensors will even send you an alert if someone tampers with your bicycle.

Stolen bike

community alert

By a push of a button send an instant shout out to your friends or Pinpoint members informing them of real-time theft in progress .

Share pictures

Movement alert

Vibration sensors will send you an alert if someone tampers with your electric bicycle.

Real-time tracking

Share location

Real-time tracking allows you to easily Pinpoint the whereabouts of the riders location through the app.

Share your location or ETA  with your family and friends in real-time.


Share your pictures and location

over Facebook and Instagram.

Unlimited warranty.

Your tracking device is fully covered

under warranty as long as your plan is active.

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Free installation.

Installation is free and included in every

subscription plan.


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Share your moments

with friends, send your location

Pinpoint is integrated with Facebook and Instagram Making your life easy when it comes to sharing  images and location while on the move.


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